Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Emren's Update

Little Emren is doing great! Every time I go to see him, it seems like he's progressed in one area or another. It's amazing how many times the nurses will say things like, "He's doing such and such on his own now but he could go back and forth with needing help," yet he never ends up needing the help. They give him a new challenge and it seems like he meets it and keeps up.
He's now at 4lbs 4.2oz - over a pound bigger than when he was born, only 3 1/2 weeks ago. He can maintain his body temperature on his own now (as long as he's wrapped up well) so he's in an open bed. I'm sure he misses the coziness and quiet of the incubator but he's a trooper.
Every time I am around Emren when he is getting fed, he always gets the hiccups. I used to think it was so cute when Ethan got them as a newborn - the little squeaks - but now I don't think they're so amusing. It looks like it hurts the poor little guy. His whole body moves with each hiccup and it just looks so uncomfortable. He never cries about it though. I think I would if I got the hiccups that often.
The two boys got moved to a satellite nursery where there are only three babies total in the room. It's nice because it's a lot quieter and they get the nurse's full attention. She doesn't have to leave the room to attend to another baby for a feeding or their distress alarms. I think they both like their new home. Hopefully their next move will be our home!


Roxy said...

Your babies are beautiful. They. sure make Ethan seem so big. I hope you are doing ok. I t was fun to look at your blog and catch up on things.

April said...

I could say the same thing for Emren (about being an example, persevering, and continuing to fight)! He is equally as special! Both of them are such little miracles. You can see how they are changing, and I love reading how they are developing into their own personalities. It warms my heart to read your updates, Danielle. You're doing a fantastic job with everything!