Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Puyallup Fair 2008

We were able to have a family excursion to the Puyallup Fair yesterday. David has been looking forward to it all summer, hoping I'd be out of the hospital and up to going before it passed us by. It was a beautiful day - even almost a little too warm when standing out in the sun for a while - and felt so good to be outside and doing something fun together.
Last year, Ethan's favorite parts of the fair were the horses. He was into the animals and thinking they looked pretty cool. This year, all he cared about were trucks and tractors. The very first thing we came upon was a fire truck. He LOVED it! Mostly he is infatuated with wheels but he thought the whole thing was pretty cool. He started throwing a fit when we took him away from it to move on to the next attraction. It was funny!
Every time he saw a truck or a tractor he would point it out and try to climb out of his stroller so that he could be next to it. I think his next favorite display was the John Deer tractor tent. There were more than a dozen tractors out for show and he was just in heaven. He finds the wheels so facinating. It's hilarious. You'd think if you've seen one, you've seen them all but no - not for him.
David's favorite part was the people watching and meandering. His favorite attraction was the man shooting out of a cannon stunt. My favorite part was the grange displays. The array of vegetables, beans, canned fruit, etc. was amazing and beautiful. I couldn't imagine how long it took to design them and then to put them together. I would LOVE to grow all of those things - how fun! A lot of work but fun!
Here are the pics we remembered to snap:
We had to tear him away from the fire truck.

Tractors, tractors, tractors!

The quad display he raced toward.


Lauralee said...

tractors.. oh luke was/is so into those.. I think it is so cute!

April said...

It's so neat to see the different things girls and boys are immediately attracted to! :-) I think those pictures captured Ethan's excitement about trucks and tractors and all things "boy" very well!