Tuesday, September 16, 2008

First Family Visit

On Sunday, Daddy, Mommy and Ethan went to visit the babies. This was our first visit together. Since they were up in the satellite nursery where there were only the two of them and one other baby, the nurses were a lot more relaxed and allowed us to be a bit noisier than usually permitted. Ethan really didn't have much of an attention span for interacting with brothers or for anything else either. We brought lots of snacks, his matchbox cars as well as a DVD player so he could sit and watch his favorite movie right by the babies' bed. As soon as we turned our attention to the babies though, he was up and running around, trying to get the attention back over to him. Then, Daddy started holding Emren and it was all over from there. Ethan started screaming and climbing frantically up David's knee, wondering why he was holding someone else besides him.

Soon, we got him calmed down though and he sat for about 60 seconds with Daddy and brother Emren. He even tried to touch him nicely. His favorite part was finding the pictures of balls on Emren's blanket saying "ball" and pointing to them. After that, he was done, ready to get down and do something else.

There was a waiting room right near the nursery so David and I then took turns keeping Ethan entertained while the other spent time with the boys. I got to hold Emren while he got his milk through the tube this time and then was able to feed Elijah his bottle. Elijah took the whole thing and in record time! I was so excited!

Sunday's weights were as follows: Emren 4lbs 11oz. and Elijah 4lbs 14oz. Grow, grow, grow!


Lauralee said...

oh they are growing good.. so glad.. you look so happy holding your baby!

April said...

Wow! Good job, boys! Every ounce seems like so much, and it's amazing they're gaining like they are!