Friday, August 29, 2008

The Twins Together

So this was my favorite part of my day - I got to hold the boys together for the first time. They haven't been next to each other since they were born. I know they missed one another. They snuggled up side by side and fell asleep after just a couple of minutes.
Usually Emren breathes a little faster than Elijah. On the monitors, he is up around the 70's and 80's while Elijah is in the 50's or so. Today while they were sleeping next to each other, they were both breathing exactly the same. It was so beautiful! It's like Emren just needed his brother to show him how to do it correctly.
Having the two of them in my arms together just made me cry. I am so grateful they are both here and are healthy enough for me to hold them and kiss them. There really is nothing like holding your precious new babies. And being able to take part in their special bond between each other is such a blessing. I cannot describe how happy I am to be their mommy.
It's amazing how much we have been blessed through these tough times and trials but then to be even more blessed with having these babies here and healthy.


Lauralee said...

so the pictures.. they are such little miracles.. it makes me teary just reading about you holding them both.. so sweet..

April said...

I love you all so much! My heart is filled with happiness for you, Danielle. The boys are absolutely beautiful, and so are you. YOU are an amazing woman!